Reach to Teach was set up in 2007 as a UK charity registered with the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales. The organisation’s primary focus is on improving the quality of teaching and learning outcomes in the primary education space. We put the child at the centre of what we do and our interventions are structured accordingly. Reach to Teach was initially conceived as a short-term project to reach underserved children in remote, predominantly tribal districts in Gujarat. It operated from a bus and used meals to incentivize children to attend. From then to now has been a journey of learning, evolution and constant reinvention. Today Reach to Teach works directly with state governments in India at a policy impact level, building upon its extensive work with communities at the field level. We leverage technology appropriately to increase and make our outreach more efficient at a system strengthening level. Reach to Teach operates from its corporate office in Gurugram and offices located in other focus states.


Every child will have access to quality education to enable them to become confident social citizens with improved life chances.


We strive to improve education outcomes for children, keeping foundational learning skills at the core by making learning joyful, and working with governments, partners, and communities.

Impact Numbers - 2008-2021

how we use our funds?

The pie charts below show how our funds are invested across our education programmes, fundraising activities and core costs.

Source : Financial plan for year to 30 June 2022
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